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The contribution to mitigate proverty in our area by Fortune Foundation UK is remarkable especially for river erosion people.

I wish them all the best in their ventures and offer my complete support.

Mr. Belal Hossain
Mayor, Ullapara Municipalty
Siragonj, Bangladesh

About Us


Fortune Foundation UK  is a UK based registered non-profit charitable organisation under Charity commission since March 2011.The primary aim of the charity is to establish a better life of the people in distress.It also aims at making people aware of the health and issues relating to better living.Projects such as raising awareness for Alzheimer's disease & Dementia,Food bank for the homeless or distressed, Help for the people affected by natural disaster, Wheelchair distribution for the disabled, and recently initiating awareness programme of a critical disease are some of the activities that the organisation does to make life better for the people in the society. that they can earn for themselves and establish their family. 

Besides these our activities have covered the following areas as well: 

  • To provide temporary shelters, food (including baby food), drinking water clothing for Flood victims
  • Help to make home/shelter for river erosion victims
  • Distribution of clothes to displaced people 
  • To provide medical support to poor people
  • To establish and maintain homes for orphans and aged people
  • To undertake rural development programs, medical mission activities
  • To impart fundamental knowledge in health, hygiene and family welfare
  • To provide job-oriented technical education through technical education 
  • To make pregnancy and birth less dangerous
  • To lay a strong foundation for a healthy life for children born 
  • To improve maternal health
  • To ensure child survival and growth
  • To train the mother about nutrition and preventative healthcare practices, and to be sure she feels confident about being able to look after her child before being discharged.